12 november 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

Ik kreeg een leuke opsteker van iemand uit het BYW Bootcamp (die online blog cursus die ik vorige maand volgde): een nominatie voor een Blog Award..! Lees verder  - dit keer alleen in het Engels. 

I'd never heard about the Liebster Blog Award, but I was surprised and honoured that I got nominated the other day by Trinske from Nordic Rose, a fellow BYW Bootcamper: thank you Trinske!

Now, what is Liebster Blog Award? I've tried to find out a bit more about the award, but having spent some time on Google, it still seems to be a bit of a mystery as I can really only find links to people who have been nominated the award themselves. It looks like a kind of chain letter to me, something I’ve always tried to stay far away from…
But….what I do know that it is an award for blogs with under 200 followers and that it aims to give small blogs more exposure. "Liebster" means "beloved" in German and a blog nominated for this award is "worth watching". So the bottom-line is that it is a really nice way to promote small and starting blogs!  

There are a few rules to it:
  • I have to write 11 random things about myself.
  • Then answer the 11 questions Trinske asked me.
  • Nominate 11 more upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers (I'm not sure how you   know, but hey...), notify them and link them to my post.
  • Create 11 new questions for these bloggers to answer.
  • Tag backs are not allowed. 

OK, I’ll start with 11 random things about myself:
I’m addicted to ‘drop’ (Dutch liquorice); I start each day with removing the manure out of the ponies meadow; I love making things all the time or at least think about it; I had my own business in interior design, using the motto: ‘use what you have’ and I still like that motto a lot;  my studio (the shed in the garden) is often referred to as my ‘winkeltje’ (my little shop) as it contains so many different things and materials; I love reading and owning magazines; I love color; I find it hard to choose; I like to improvise;  I love the challenge my kids give every day; I find it really hard to mention 11 things about myself ;-)

Then next: Trinske’s questions for me and my spontaneous answers:

What would you like to learn more about? 
Photografic technical (light) skills and Adobe Illustrator, on which I’m working right now!
Best experience in the past year?
Starting this blog..?
Favourite Shop?
Sissyboy Homeland – a Dutch shop where I want to see and touch everything that’s there
Who would you like to be in a different life? 
I think I would like to be a forester, investigate the woods from a horseback
What is your biggest wish?
That my loved ones stay healthy and happy
What does comfort mean to you?
When everything falls into place, people around me are happy and there’s some tranquility and no rush.
Favourite car?
The one that gets me where I want to go, I don’t give anything about model or color. (although I loved the old American ones we saw on Cuba during a holiday in 2007)
Most loved item? 
Hard to say, although I love lots of stuff, I don’t attach to it too much
What does your ideal house look like?
Light and airy and with lots of storage
Favourite holiday destination?
Unknown places with a nice combination of action (walks or culture) and relaxing on the beach
Chocolate or Crisps?
Mmmm… both really, but if I have to choose: crisps – with our homemade dipsauce

My 11 nominees are:
  1. Soys
  2. Beeldsteil
  3. by Petra
  4. Fatfat Sheep
  5. Hallo september
  6. Bonnemee
  7. Akkie Bosje
  8. She makes a home
  9. Create ohlala
  10. Little Paper Trees
  11. Artoleria

 Please check out these nominee's blogs!

My 11 questions for them are:
Best vacation ever?
When do you feel inspired?
Who do you admire most?
What would be your perfect day?
Are you quiet or outgoing?
Where do you like to blog from?
Favorite ethnic food?
What do you love knowing lots about?
Favorite color?
Are you on the dance floor or do you prefer to observe the dancing?
Morning or night person?

Pffff…. ok, well,  this was it, it took me quite some time, but time well spent I hope, because it is really nice to promote and stimulate each other. I´m curious to find out my nominee´s answers. (To my nominees: If some of you don´t feel comfortable with doing a blogpost with your answers and questions because it doesn´t go with the style of you or your blog - no problem).

One last thing: during my search on the liebster Blog Award on Google I read somewhere that in the beginning there were only 5 questions/ random things/ nominees needed. Maybe it’ a good idea to go back to these 5 instead of 11….?? 
Just a suggestion!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Arda,
    Bedankt voor je nominatie. Lief van je! Ik denk er nog even over na of het zin heeft om mee te doen, want ik ben met een nieuw blog bezig... Ik ben wel jouw blog gaan volgen.
    Veel succes met bloggen.

  2. Hi Arda,
    Super, count me in..where do i put my answers..?
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Bieb, goed dat je meedoet! Je mag er zelf een berichtje op je blog over maken en zo antwoord geven op de vragen en nieuwe blogs uitnodigen, succes! x Arda

  3. Wat leuk Arda, dat je SOYZ er bij hebt gezet. Ik duik er nog 'even' in ;-)
    groetjes, Yzette

  4. Hello Arda, thank you for your nomination! :D

    I'm really busy in this period to post out of my post program but as soon as i can I will respond someway!
    Thank you again!
    Greetings from Florence Italy

  5. Hoi Arda,

    wat leuk dat je me genomineerd hebt! Dank je! Toevallig stuitte ik net op een andere blog ook op een Liebster award post en zij had idd 'maar' 5 mensen genomineerd. Ik vind het een goed idee om het bij 5 te houden ;) Ik ga er zeker wat mee doen, je hoort van me! Thanks again!
    Groetjes, Mirjam

  6. Hoi Arda,
    Leuk om je antwoorden te lezen en bedankt voor de link! Vond het ook best een klus en had inderdaad ook gezien op een totaal ander soort blog dat diegene maar 5 vragen en mensen had genomineerd. Goed idee hoor, want 11 is wel veel, alhoewel leuk voor de lezer! Groetjes, Trinske

  7. Hallo Arda,

    ik kreeg via de lapswap van Kris jou blauwe stofje met de gekleurde (cadeautjes) rondjes. En erg gezellig stofje. Er zat ook een ruitstofje bij die heel goed te combineren is met jouw stofje. Leuk en bedankt! Jij ook veel plezier met de stofjes die je gekregen hebt/krijgt.
    Groetjes Corrie

  8. Hoi Arda,
    mijn Liebster Award post is klaar! dank nogmaals voor deze prijs! :)

    Fijne avond,